Sunday, August 2, 2009



I'm back...after what seems like a very long time! Actually I was busy running a big Pet Fair that we had at the LW Emporium. If you want something to gobble up your free time, try running's and amazing! I can't believe all the details that crop up in the processing of this kind of event! Sign painting, advertising, passing out posters to Veterinarians and pet stores, calling pet rescue groups, vendors with pet related items, hot dog people, and then marking out all the spaces, getting ads and free community notices in on time to the newspapers, tv and radio stations, blowing up baloons,,etc, get the picture...and after it was all over, you have to do everything all over again in reverse! Take down the signs and balloons, write thank you letters to all the vendors and animal rescue people, gather the earnings to present to the dedicated animal shelter and arrange for a time when all could gather for a happy picture! Was it all worth it? Oh yes, it was.. Everyone had a great time and are asking for another next year! Not to boast ,but we did a pretty good job and some lucky animals at the Cracker Box Palace will have food for awhile longer because of the fair...very worth it! I just want to apologize and explain why I was gone so long...and thank you Janine for your note which shook me out of my euphoric high flying animal party! Check out the pictures.