Friday, April 3, 2009

Under the weather...........

Sorry to have let things go so long. I've been in bed for 5 days with a viral, sinus, asthma, coughing, sniffing thingy...Hurt so bad! But I finally got to the doctor today and she thinks she can put me back together again so looking forward to more paintings and gossip soon! me


Janine said...

Hi Doris,
I´m sorry you are so ill.
I dont know how the weather is at your side of the globe.
Here spring has arrived at last.
That is a circumstance which helps everybody to feel better.
I hope there is some sun for you too.
However I love that Kitty- picture, that´s so sweet.
Get well soon.
Greetings from Germany

Doris said...

Thanks Janine, It's healing to know that someone cares. The weather over here is on and off. Warm one day and windy cold the next...that's Spring in my neighborhood!

mika said...

hii,thanks for follow me , u blog and paintings are so nice :)