Friday, April 17, 2009


The saga of the Spider and the Snail , I think, will be resolved thanks to some wonderful advise from Lisa and Akiko who seemed to know about such things. I have been advised to put him in a nice little glass environment with lettuce and soil until he is through hibernating.. I will do that...just as soon as I can get up the strength and courage to pull him off the wall. It would seem that he must be stuck pretty good to have hung there all winter long.

I'll let you know how that works out but this is too good a segue not to use to bring up an event near and dear to my heart which happened awhile ago. My all time favorite cat, Pushkin (after the Russian Poet) came home one sunny afternoon with the most woebegone look on her little round face and a snail stuck tight right on the top of her head. She sat herself down in the kitchen (that room again) and gave me a l
ook that implored me to help her out of this predicament..there was no question about what she wanted me to do and I've always hoped she forgave me when I sat down and did a quick sketch of her instead! It couldn't be helped...she was so cute and funny!

OK, so before you call the SPCA....I did relieve her of her burden within a reasonable length of time...everybody should look so cute with a snail on their head!

Well, I can't just leave it at that can I? often do those two species get together in such an intimate way?I couldn't help myself... I just had to carry the inspiration a little further and so I sketched in a few more cats and a few more snails to help satisfy my ever present lust for the whimsical ...and the bizarre!

Oh, this is fun...wouldn't it be even more fun to make it taller....with more cats and more snails?

I'm getting in a rut here but for the life of me, nothing else came to mind to add to this menagerie.

Tall cats, tall snails, on and on I go...can't seem to stop..... Most artists spend a lot of time trying to explain to viewers what 'inspired', or more often 'what caused' them to draw that one?' Those of you who practice art of any genre will agree with me, I am sure, that the viewer's interpretation is equally as valid as the artist's but the viewer still insists upon hearing the story from the artist as well.

I have happily spent hours at art shows just explaining to people how all those shapes and colors got onto the paper in just that particular manner and why! Most importantly ...why? I love the story telling but am still somewhat surprised to realize that there really was a story, a why, an inspiration, a magical moment that prompted me to put down those visions in just that manner. Sometimes when we paint, we are lost in the essence of what we are doing and are unaware of the Muse's hand on ours so it's a pleasure to ,now and then, stop and realize how we got where we are.

Well now, it's finally become evident to me

what is missing from this little adventure on

paper and that is...the human element.and so

without further ado, I plopped Grizabella from"CATS"

right down the middle to complete

the muddle which I like to call ...


With, of course, full acknowledgement and profound thanks to my best pal, Pushkin!


artbyakiko said...

I love your artworks of cats and snails. They are so adorable. :)

pencilportraits said...

Lovely story Doris, I'll bet the cat did look a bit funny with an easter bonnet in the shape of a snail!!!!

Janine said...

Hi Doris,
Did that really happend to your Pushkin?
That story is so cute. And so is the painting you made of him.
The painting you made from that "Cats"- Lady is really exceptional.
Great Job!
have a lovely weekend

Doris said...

Thanks so much Akiko and Kari-Ann for your generous words...they make me feel so good! And yes, Janine, that did indeed happen to poor little Pushkin. She was a very special one and still lives deep in my heart!

Carolee said...

What a wonderful story, and I just LOVE your watercolors!

Thanks so much for visiting me, too - so happy to discover your work!!

~ Carolee

Lisa Nelson's Art, Bucks County Designs said...

Doris, you're so funny. I stopped by today HOPING to hear an update on the snail and little did I expect to find such a wonderful story - complete with illustrations! You must have an abundance of snails up there on the lake. :)