Tuesday, April 14, 2009


OK, here's the snail shell I promised...sitting on the windowsill right next to the candle. It's a cute little thing and would bring nice summery thoughts throughout the cold winter which would soon be upon us.

This was my thinking when I rescued it from the laundry room to give it a place of honor for the duration.....

Surprise, surprise!

Not only has the red arrow moved (you noticed that?) but
the "shell" also appears to have taken a walk! Evidently the little guy was still using his house...and now mine!
This is OK with me...we can share..as long as he stays pretty much where he, or she, is. What do snails do in the winter...do they sleep..hibrinate..? Do they need to eat...what do they eat? If the house is warm do they think it is summer and start doing 'summer' things?

I considered these to all be legitimate worries but
thought it prudent to adopt a 'wait and see' attitude. It was much too cold to put the poor little fella outside . Actually the snow came in earnest the very next day.

I had no idea what to do if he started walking around so I
was particularly careful when doing dishes at the sink, right below the window, least I should wake him up and have to introduce myself!

As the winter went on, it seemed that all would be well, as Sleeping Snail, AKA Snidely, seemed content to just stay suctioned to the sill plate and it wasn't until February that I became aware that he had invited company! It seems that a little house spider has also been staying at my place for the winter. I'd catch sight of him first thing in the morning when I started to draw water for coffee. He tends, though, to be a bit shy and scurries away when he hears a noise so I had to tread softly and using no lights, sneak up early one morning with my camera to get a shot of him by shooting blindly and frequently in the dark. Here then, is Simon Spider still sort of curled up in what surely must have been a long night's slumber in company of his buddy S.Snail.

And yes, Simon does come home and roost in the same spot every night...as a matter of fact, I have often caught him catching an afternoon nap in just that spot.

Now my question to you, dear reader, is this: does anyone out there know about the hibernating habits of snails? The reason I ask at this time is that I have noticed a very gradual lowering of the snail from his original position in recent weeks...Is he sliding down....does this forebode an awakening? The weather is still too iffy to put him outside but if he begins to move faster than a nano-second per hour, my other roommates, of the feline persuasion, might become very interested in him. Sadie particularly, loves anything that moves and continually amazes me by the variety of found objects she brings to me while I am sleeping! She doesn't just bring them to bed, she tucks them in around my face so that I will be sure to notice them should I open an eye... This would not be a good thing should one or more of those objects be Snidely or Simon. I can't fathom a good day being salvaged out of one which began by such an awakening and therefore must ask for your help in avoiding, by any means, the extreme view of the Spider and the Snail!

All comments and suggestions will be greatly appreciated!


Janine said...

Hi Doris, I don´t know anything about snail- affairs, except that they are eating my plants in summer.
Let the kitty eat it!
Beside that; I just saw this line beneth
"Hi, I'd love to know you were here...leave a message or comment!"
That is kind of strange.
All bloggers are writing things like that, but a lot of them won´t do that themselfes.
Kind of sad, isn´t it.
Because commends feed the blog.
They keep a blog alive.
It is just give and take.


artbyakiko said...

Hi Doris! Snails do hibernate in the ground in cold weather. So your snail may be still trying to sleep. If I were you, I would put him in a glass jar topped with plastic with many holes for the air, and put a piece of lettuce or something.
Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a wonderful comment.

Lisa Nelson's Art, Bucks County Designs said...

Hi Doris, I know nothing about snails but keeping him in a jar with some mulch or dirt and moisture in a dark place would do the trick. Yes, airholes are a great idea too. As for the spider, as a totem they represent creativity and the weaving of fate, so I'd try to keep him as safe as possible too! :) I think you have the beginnings of a very cute story here.

Janine said...

Dear Doris,
thank you for your kind comment and for trying hard to publish it.
"Veröffentlichen" means "Publish"
"Vorschau" means "preview"
if you have any other questions concerning the german language, you can ask LEO:
that´s a great online- dictionairy that can be used in both ways. Without LEO I would had have more dificulties in translating every post into english.
Have a great day
kindest regards