Tuesday, March 17, 2009


As I scrumbled around the jewelry box looking for this Celtic pin
this morning, It came back to me that it was the one I bought on the first of nine St. Patrick days I spent in Dublin...lest you think I am rich and can travel at will , let me be quick to point out that
those 9 trips to the Emerald Isle were actually job related.
I was a coach and moderator of a very good marching band at
the high school where I taught and 9 times we were invited
to march in Dublin's St. Patrick's day parade. A thrill
for all of us of course, and seemingly even more of a thrill
for the Irish who , at that time, had never witnessed a really large
(125 member) marching band . I remember the lump in my
throat as 100,000 people stood and roared their approval when the first notes were played as those
kids (they were very, very good) stepped onto the Croak Park Field. This is where the final hurling matches were being played, an event equivalent to our Superbowl and
the sight of the stars and stripes being so honored in that far away country was a thrill that can only be understood by those who were there. I've been blessed with some wonderful memories and I'm happy to be able to share them here.

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