Friday, March 27, 2009

What a wonderful, beautiful, bright blue day! No question that Spring is finally here. I saw my first boats today... If you live on a lake that's akin to seeing your first Spring robin! It happens every year and yet I'm always surprised to see life being lived on the north side of my studio! Just 2 small boats, going in different directions but a true promise of the lofty sails that will be hoisted in just a few month's time! I love to watch the sailboat races...a soundless struggle of canvas and wind.... I love to paint the motions that they create...the excitement of pure freedom as they glide along the surface of the water.
This watercolor entitled "Blue Gulls", seemed the perfect pick for today so I brought it out for this occasion! Reproductions are available from my website.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

The First Notes of Spring

With Spring about to arrive we look forward to the blooming of flowers in the garden and the sounds of our favorite birds singing their return songs. Here in watercolor are two of my favorite feathered friends. The Chickadee is the state bird of Massachusetts but that's close enough for them to settle in my part of the world too. Upstate NY is not so far as the bird flies. Welcome, welcome little harbingers of Spring!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


As I scrumbled around the jewelry box looking for this Celtic pin
this morning, It came back to me that it was the one I bought on the first of nine St. Patrick days I spent in Dublin...lest you think I am rich and can travel at will , let me be quick to point out that
those 9 trips to the Emerald Isle were actually job related.
I was a coach and moderator of a very good marching band at
the high school where I taught and 9 times we were invited
to march in Dublin's St. Patrick's day parade. A thrill
for all of us of course, and seemingly even more of a thrill
for the Irish who , at that time, had never witnessed a really large
(125 member) marching band . I remember the lump in my
throat as 100,000 people stood and roared their approval when the first notes were played as those
kids (they were very, very good) stepped onto the Croak Park Field. This is where the final hurling matches were being played, an event equivalent to our Superbowl and
the sight of the stars and stripes being so honored in that far away country was a thrill that can only be understood by those who were there. I've been blessed with some wonderful memories and I'm happy to be able to share them here.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Rag Tag Cats

One of the things I have been amusing myself with this long , cold winter, is the creation of stuffed kittie faces out of coffee filters! New or doesn't matter, as I paint them anyway and a little coffee color sometimes makes 'fur' fun.

Sunday, March 15, 2009


Here we are in the windy month and as I sit here in my studio listening to the waves dashing against the break wall, I am reminded of all the years I have been doing just that. Living on one of the Great Lakes can be wonderful, awesome,amazing or just plain awful! There have been times when Mother Nature has besieged my little cottage with such force and wind driven waves as to threaten all life within. There was even one March when just such a thing happened and the lake gobbled up and destroyed so much land that the 14 homes on my little spit were officially condemned ! It took 2 &1/2 years to rebuild and move back in...but we all did. If you are a lake person, you are a lake person forever and in every way, even through the vagaries of bad weather and the trauma it can bring. We never forget the offsetting joys of the daily sunset over water, the cooling breeze in the summer, the cry of gulls ...all the wonderful things that decorate the life of a water dweller such as I. These things come to mind right now because that most terrible storm happened on St. Patrick's day many years ago....and I am reminded that we are, once again, about to celebrate the wearin' of the green...and so "Cead Mile Failte", Gaelic for 100000 Welcomes, to you my reader, as I embark upon this amazing adventure called "blog"!

I hope you will share my thoughts as I consider my options at the start of yet another facet of my career. I have been a commercial artist, an illustrator, an automobile dealer, a teacher, a gallery artist and lastly a gypsy artist who traveled up and down the east coast selling my renderings at fine art shows and fairs!
Since doing the last of those shows in November, I have been hard pressed to decide what comes artist can't just retire you know...I must paint, but the painting without the interpretation and reaction of others is not an acceptable prospect to me. Therefore I'm looking for ways to stay in touch with all the wonderful people I have had the pleasure of interacting with over the years. I so enjoyed our times together. It seems that almost everyone who ever came in my booth to look at work had that special sense of humor and good will that leaves no doubt, that under other circumstances, they could become an instant best friend. In many cases, that's just what did happen and I treasure those many friendships, both nearby and at a distance.

Since November, I've frittered away a lot of time just enjoying the winter as I have been devoid of that season for too long. Living in Florida during the cold months has it's advantages and the Art Festivals there are great, but there comes a time when one longs for the old ways, tires of the 'bright blue' after 'bright blue' days and follows the compass back home. Been there , done that, and it was very good, even better now that it's put to rest. I'm going to rewind a bit and start in a new direction matter how long we live or how old we get, we never get to try it all do we? I'm going to give it my best shot!

I'll be back soon, got to feed the 'girls" now. Widget (aka Garbo) and Sadie are my "four on the floor, good upholstery, low mileage cats "(shades of the old auto dealer here) who understandably blame me for this northern cold weather Winter thing and guilt me up enough that I still jump up and serve them their meals whenever they ask...even in the morning! After all, there's no snooze alarm on a cat who wants her breakfast is there?